Another option to a water softener is a salt-free water conditioner – often incorrectly called softening – which is an alternative to sodium or potassium based water softening. Each address hard water, but water conditioning removes the calcium itself through various systems. Conditioners, however, do not soften water. Water softeners are using much more energy and wasting more water because of the backflushing. Those are the main benefits of a salt-free system, but you’re also going to see very little maintenance or treatment on the system. It’s a very good return on investment. You’re probably see your money back before long. This is a fix it and forget solution.

It’s important to remember that companies who advertise conditioners as softeners are misleading the public. The Water Quality Association states that scale-control devices can have the ability to reduce scaling in pipes and fixtures, but they do not claim to remove calcium and there is no testing standard to prove that they do. They’re great for everyone, but especially for active people who don’t have the time to deal with the maintenance. It’s not the kind of thing you want to take lightly when you’re dealing with someone’s water. These kinds of systems deal with the health of the home.

Seventy-five percent of who you are is water. With my technology, you’re not putting anythinginto the water. Unlike water softeners, you don’t have to separate the water for your home with what’s used for irrigation.”

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